Monday, March 18, 2013

My immune system doesn't love me...

So I was going to spend yesterday and tonight catching up on my blogs but yesterday I ended up sleeping almost all day (thanks to getting up at 3:45am to catch my flight home) and I woke up today with some type of Roman disease/flu like thing. Wasn't Italy one of the first European countries to get the plague? Well it might be back, and Paris can thank me if it catches that. I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore... this is why you shouldn't blog with a fever.

What was I going to say? Oh yeah! So I was going to fill all of you in yesterday after my mom was giving me sass for leaving my last Ireland blog with such intense cliffhangers (I think I said something about shamrock shakes, so I understand the suspense) so I was going to finally write about it and everything but then my immune system was all "Oh, hey you, here are some germs I was too lazy to get rid of! Have fun getting sick and never getting any work done ever! Sucker!" True story. That's exactly how it happened. And we return to the whole not blogging while feverish idea. But yeah, this is another post about my putting off writing a real post. So... sorry. At this rate you will probably hear about my magical travels in Rome sometime next year.

But here's a picture of Fluffy scratching her ear:

Sorry to all of you hoping to hear awesome adventure stories, only to get a lame and overly disappointing picture of my cat. I feel your pain. I've had that kind of day today too.

UPDATE: So it's probably not the plague. Probably more like a cold. But I'm still using it as an excuse to do nothing because I can my body needs the rest. And by rest I mean staying up late watching TV on Youtube. That's just as good as getting sleep, right?

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  1. Any post with a photo of Fluffy is okay in my book. Hope you're feeling better soon!!