Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reasons why I wish I didn't have to get out of bed this morning:

Warning: This is pretty much just a rant of all of the reasons why I am currently in a bad mood so feel free to skip over it and look at videos of red pandas or something.

So even though yesterday was fairly awesome because it snowed and I got to go out to dinner with friends and one of my friends' mom, I have decided that today is a Thursday in disguise. Reasons:

1) I had to go to my internship this morning, which meant walking through sleet/ice everywhere, because since lawsuits aren't a thing here, the French feel no need to shovel or put salt down. It was fun.

2) At my internship I'm trying to translate things which requires the use of an online French-English dictionary ( I love you!), which would be fine, except that I keep losing the wifi signal EVERY 5 MINUTES!! And it's getting old... Also it's going to make posting this super fun!

3) It's freezing in here and I wish I had Percy (my space heater back in my room here). Yes he has a name! We cuddle when I'm cold! Don't judge!

4) The French government is a jerk and stole the package my parents sent me until I pay more taxes on it. Which is whatever EXCEPT they sent the letter over spring break so by the time I got it (yesterday) I only had 2 days to do everything before they send it back to the US. So I have sent an email with everything they asked for but knowing the French, this won't be an easy process. 

5) I'm leaving for Rome tomorrow (which is AWESOME!! Super excited!!!), which means I really need to get that package by tomorrow or else I will run out of my meds while I am gone. Which would not be fun.

6) I saw my bank statement.

7) I have a bunch of stuff to do tonight to apply for internships, homework to do, and I really want to work on my blogs. Also I need to clean my room. And pack. 

Ok, I'm done ranting. I'll try to finish my Ireland/Edinburgh blogs tonight. My next posts will be happier I promise. Until then, here is a picture of a red panda winking:



  1. Janelle again :)

    Things will work out and you'll have an awesome time in Rome. No worries! Everything on your list can be overcome (except #6 - that will be depressing for many years to come so choose wisely when you decide to look at it!)

  2. I need to come up with a good name for my space heater. It has been a lifesaver. One of my dogs sleeps directly in front of it:

    I'm glad I have my dogs around to prove that loving a space heater is totally normal.