Friday, March 22, 2013

Ode to My Socks

All of my socks have holes in them,

It really is quite bad,

Sometimes it makes me so upset,

I cry cuz I'm so sad

This is what I did instead of anything productive. Like my Edinburgh blog. Or Rome. But oh well. I'm heading off to the south of France tomorrow with Sweet Briar. I get to go back to Arles and Avignon, and also will get to visit Uz├Ęs, which I've never been to before. But then after this trip I'll be in Paris for a while. Well, two weeks that is. And I'll have time to catch up on travel blogs. But for now, you just get to look at my sexy gross feet. But at least you can enjoy my failed attempts in front of the camera:

The making of "Ode to My Socks":


I give up on the formatting. I keep fixing that one picture and it just goes back to that corner. Same goes for the funky spacing. So I give up. If it wants to be there then who am I to tell it that it can't be? The OCD part of me is only going a little crazy...


  1. haha ohmygod Best Post Ever! Target has some really cool socks right now (short ones though). You should ask your mom to send you some!

  2. Haha thanks!! Yeah it's mostly all of my long ones that are wearing out because they;re what I wear with boots which I wear all the time here. But yeah, I'm hoping my mom will get this subtle hint to send me some socks the next time she has to send me something :)

  3. This has nearly nothing to do with France.

  4. Not true! All my socks have holes in them because I've been walking around so much... IN FRANCE! Also I have to keep re-wearing the same 10 pair because I didn't pack a ton of socks. Has a ton to do with traveling!