Sunday, February 10, 2013

Espace Dali: The Dali Museum in Montmartre

I'll warn you ahead of time that this is a short and terribly written post. But I have a good excuse for both. First of all, I've been feeling rather terrible since waking up this morning because despite the 1-3 oranges I eat a day (Spanish oranges are amazing), I'm sick. Which has made me too lazy to make this sound grammatically pleasing and I'm also just more prone to rambling than usual. Secondly, my camera is cursed whenever I go to Montmartre, meaning the battery dies after I take about 2 pictures. Therefore I have 2 decent pictures to share. Enjoy:

Yesterday we decided to visit Montmartre again (which was fine by me, it's quite possibly the most beautiful place in Paris) in order to go to the Salvador Dali museum there, Espace Dali. After our student discount, it was a whopping €6 to get in which seemed like a lot considering I have this terrible "I'm a student so I deserve everything for free" attitude. But it was totally worth it.

I didn't really know what to expect since I've never really studied Dali much but I have to say the guy is awesome. Crazy, but extremely talented. This picture highlights all of that:
Salvador Dali, his life, and the Persistence of Memory

My friend who was with me also took plenty of pictures that I intend to steal and add to my photo album. There is a great one of me next to the Space Elephant sculpture that I'm sure will be enjoyed by all. We did however stop at the Dali photo booth on the way out to get our faces put on a famous Salvador Dali Painting.
Best €3 ever spent
Sorry I did a terrible job taking a picture of the picture so it's crooked and there's a glare. But anyway, this was my Saturday afternoon and it was awesome! Also really cold. I was very glad to spend most of the time inside because even though the sun was out for once it was chilly!

There is also a Salvador Dali exhibit at Le Centre Pompidou right now that I really want to go to but the line is ridiculous during the weekends so I need to find a time during the week.

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