Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oh yeah, I was in Angoulême

Oh hi! It's been a long time! I've been really busy the past week with tests and papers and what not and I still have a lot to do before my parents get here next Friday. But that's ok, it will get done. Probably. If I ever start my econ. paper and also my internship paper. Which I don't want to do. This post is also just me procrastinating. Yay!

So this weekend I went to Angoulême to visit Romain, Clémence, and their family. I got to see their new house which is great and the weather was actually gorgeous for once! On Sunday when we were walking around the city it was over 80° and I was dying in jeans and a t-shirt. Spring is here!! The city itself is really cool because it's known for cartoons (it hosts conference every year) so there are cartoon characters and scenes and whatnot painted on buildings and walls and it is very cool. Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of pictures because my camera battery was dead. But it's not my fault! Last time I used it, it still had half battery left so I didn't charge it. Okay, so it's kind of my fault. But whatever. I convinced Clem to take a few pictures on her phone for me! 

One of the many painted walls
It really is a beautiful city, although pretty small. I thought about looking up pictures of it on Google to share on here and just pretend I'm a really good photographer but I decided not to because I'm lazy and that sounded like work that would be immoral. Also because all of you clearly have access to the internet and can look them up yourself.

But it was a great and relaxing weekend, and it was nice to see everyone! Also I got to hang out with their cat who reminds me a lot of Fluffy because she is also super furry and slept with me at night. I miss cats.

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